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RICK WILSON  |  STAGES 152, 166, 167


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RICK WILSON  |  stages 152, 166, 167
I'm running because I want to help those affected by the Boston bombings. My ORFB2 running goal for March 30th: 4:30am - Rise and shine to leave for the Hogeye Marathon in Fayetteville, AR 7:30am - Run Hogeye Marathon in Fayetteville, AR (26.2 miles) 11:30am - Finish Hogeye Marathon 1:00pm - Leave Fayetteville, AR 3:00pm - Arrive Tulsa, OK and rest 5:50pm - Run EPIC stage 165 with Andrew Aguirre (10.5 miles) 7:55pm - Run EPIC stages 166 and 167 (18 miles) 11:30pm - Hand Miles to Colleen Wilson, make a toast to her and have several beers!!!! Total miles in honor of those affected by the Boston Bombings: 54.7 Feeling: Awesome!!!!!
You inspire us. Run on!
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Thanks for doing this Rick!
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Run well.
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Don't drop the baton
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