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KRISTINA JOLLY  |  stage 1 |  CA
I'm running because On April 15th, 2013, I was sitting in a conference room waiting for a meeting to start and chatting with the woman sitting across the table from me. Suddenly the woman looked down at her phone, a look of panic passing across her face, and said, "There's been a bombing in Boston, my brother lives in Boston! I have to go!" and then grabbed her phone and ran out. Not believing what I heard, I turned to the woman who was sitting next to me. She confirmed what the first woman had said, and I too grabbed my phone and ran out the door. Desperate to locate my family and friends who live there, there was so much confusion, so much chaos. The phone lines were completely unavailable. Being a Bostonian, as well as a marathoner, I could not wrap my brain around what I was hearing, what we were learning as the minutes and hours, and then days, dragged on. Who could do this to my beloved city? To those innocent victims? I felt so helpless, so far from the people I love the most. There was nothing I could do but pray. And then a friend from home reached out to let me know about this amazing relay event that was starting just a mile up the road from where I now live, in Venice, California. A cross-country relay run, consisting of thousands of runners, finishing at the Boston Marathon finish line... The One Run For Boston, in support of the One Fund. Finally! Here was a way for me to get involved. For me to, in my own small way, help the city and people I love. And so I did. It was an amazing experience, and something I am so proud to have participated in. Once again this year The One Run for Boston will take place, this time starting in Santa Monica, CA, and again finishing in Boston. And once again I will participate, running the first leg from Santa Monica in a 7 mile group run. I am asking anyone that is able, please donate to this amazing cause, in support of the One Fund, which continues to help the many victims of that terrible day as they continue to work through their recovery. Due to the overwhelmingly generous and positive support I've already received I've raised my fundraising goal to $1000, but any amount that you can donate is greatly appreciated. If you aren't able to donate, prayers and well wishes are always welcome. Thank you, and God bless.
You .. ARE awesome !!!
Donation by Dave a Kooi on Jan 29, 2014
Go get em girl!
Donation by Chris Hammerich on Jan 29, 2014
Donation by Michael Donnelly on Jan 29, 2014
So proud of you - God bless!!
Donation by Annie Anderson on Jan 29, 2014
Yeah, Jolly!!
Donation by Augustus mosca on Jan 29, 2014
All you rockstar!
Donation by Jennifer Heeney on Jan 29, 2014
So proud of you Kristina
Donation by Dave Preston on Jan 30, 2014
Keep it up! You're an inspiration :)
Donation by Karen Starr on Jan 30, 2014
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Feb 1, 2014
Donation by Nancy Jolly on Feb 2, 2014
you'll give this race a great start!
Donation by Kim Nakae on Feb 4, 2014
You! You! You!
Donation by Danielle Mitchell on Feb 8, 2014
From Boston to Cali.... Tag, you're it!
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Feb 14, 2014
Good Luck!
Donation by Mark Rago on Mar 8, 2014
Good luck. We are so proud of you
Donation by Don and Lisa Preston on Mar 8, 2014
Proud of you!! Love Dan and Dante!
Donation by Dante Perozzi on Mar 9, 2014
Run, Nina, Run!
Donation by Nancy Jolly on Mar 12, 2014
Go Auntie Nina!!
Donation by Martha Forrester on Mar 14, 2014
Cash Donations. Thanks to ALL, you're amazing!
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Mar 14, 2014
Best of go proud!
Donation by Terry and Paula on Mar 14, 2014
Run wicked strong!
Donation by Sasha on Mar 14, 2014
Beantown proud! Go Kristina!
Donation by tim collins on Mar 27, 2014
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