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JADE BETTINE  |  stage 310 |  NY
I'm running because For love and life. Running with ORFB last year was an incredible & inspiring experience. I want to celebrate the strength and honor the memory of the victims and survivors of last year's tragedy.
Best of luck training Jade!
Donation by Laurel on Feb 11, 2014
some love from Stage 326!
Donation by Claudia Willett on Feb 11, 2014
tag, you're it ;)
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Feb 15, 2014
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Mar 20, 2014
You are such a nice person doing a nice mitzvah.
Donation by Dan Lusky on Mar 25, 2014
You're an inspiration and a rock star - good luck
Donation by Sarah Adler on Apr 11, 2014
Good luck!
Donation by Jessica Edgeworth on Apr 11, 2014
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