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CARINA HALLORAN  |  stage 317 |  CT
I'm running because I ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 and am so fortunate to be able to run again in 2014. I wasn't there in 2013, but my heart was, and it broke for everyone affected by the bombings. I would like to help raise funds for the victims by participating in One Run for Boston; it's the week before the marathon this year and I'll be running the stage that goes from Milford to New Haven. Please consider a small donation-every little bit counts!
Donation by Ashley Bernaiche on Feb 11, 2014
You rock.
Donation by Jenn & Tim Waltner on Feb 11, 2014
what a great thing you are doing. Have a great run
Donation by Sheryl and Norman Hatheway on Mar 1, 2014
you make our family proud.
Donation by Arlene Bernaiche on Mar 2, 2014
You inspire us - love, the Whitaker family
Donation by Lisa Whitaker on Mar 3, 2014
I hope to run Boston someday! It is my city too.
Donation by Rachel Halloran Scott on Mar 3, 2014
You are an inspiration for all of us!
Donation by Joe & Mary Halloran on Mar 5, 2014
Donation by [email protected] on Mar 9, 2014
Run strong!
Donation by Joan Tardiff on Mar 11, 2014
Tremendous dedication. RUN FOREST RUN !
Donation by Reginald Bernaiche on Mar 31, 2014
I admire your dedication and drive.
Donation by Jean Gura on Mar 31, 2014
What a great way to give back!
Donation by Kristi Halloran on Mar 31, 2014
Go get 'em :) good luck from all of us
Donation by Amy Berlin on Apr 1, 2014
You rock, Carina!
Donation by Emily Greenough on Apr 1, 2014
You make our family so proud. Have a great run!!
Donation by Stacey Gaucher on Apr 1, 2014
We love you aunty carina
Donation by robin aj dave and austin on Apr 1, 2014
Thank you, Carina, and have a great run!
Donation by Michael Lo Presti on Apr 2, 2014
Run Carina, Run!
Donation by Richard Bernaiche on Apr 2, 2014
Donation by Tania Alekseyko on Apr 2, 2014
Donation by Dan Nardini on Apr 4, 2014
Donation by Debra Kahraman on Apr 12, 2014
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