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BETH BIERSDORF  |  stage 95 |  NM
I'm running because Running is my anti-drug. Running keeps me sober and sane, and I am supporting this cause because it breaks my heart that some people lost their ability to run after the Boston Marathon bombing.
Donation by Patricia E. Mullen on Jan 21, 2014
Here's some cashola for ye, good luck sweetie xoxo
Donation by E.J. Anderson on Mar 5, 2014
Supporting you all the way.
Donation by Beverly B. Biersdorf on Mar 7, 2014
Donation by Janice Bakker on Mar 12, 2014
Run your heart out for those who can't. Love ya!
Donation by Elizabeth on Mar 12, 2014
Donation by Beverly Biersdorf on Mar 18, 2014
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