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TOM BISHOP  |  stages 335, 336
I'm running because I remember that day well. I answered my cell phone, and it was my wife. "Get out of there!" she yelled frantically. "Where are you? Where are the kids?" She knew I had taken my son and daughter to see the Boston Marathon, but she didn't know where. We were in Wellesley, near mile 15.5 (25K), where the course plunges downhill to Newton Lower Falls (At this point it's been pretty flat for the runners, and for a lot of them, this is where the race begins.) She told me what happened, and it took me awhile to explain that we were safe. But she must have been terrified, knowing that when I watch a race, I like to be at the finish line. And it was a matter of whim that we weren't right there in front of Sugar Heaven (one of our favorite stores). I want to raise money for the people who were there, who were affected, because the finish line is always a great place to see the race, and everybody should be able to enjoy this race, and every race, safely. We stand together against violence, and for each other.
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