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I'm running because no one should have their marathon finish interrupted by domestic terrorists. The Boston Marathon is one of the most inspiring athletic events in the country. It's a true testament of human spirit. In a marathon, it's not about how much money someone is getting paid, who sponsors them, or what team they represent. In marathons, you're all on the same team. It's everyone versus the course. On the day of the Boston bombing, people were stopped from finishing the race they had trained so long to complete. They had their eye on the finish line and suddenly, their whole life changed. I want to run to show support for my running brothers and sisters who never crossed the finish. I want to run to show support for those family members who will never see their loved one cross the finish line again. And most importantly, I want to run so people can see that while the running community can get competitive, we are all one kindred spirit. Don't mess with us.
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