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MICHELLE ANDRADE  |  stages 1, 16
I'm running because I want to run for those that I love and to Honor those who do not have the ability to run. I want to be an inspiration to my seven children and to my amazing husband , who has always supported me. And to continue to be inspired by all of the amazing friends that I have made in and out of the running community..May God Bless us to continue to have the ability to do what we LOVE.
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Feb 8, 2014
Good Luck!
Donation by [email protected] on Feb 10, 2014
Good Luck Gorgeous! Love You!
Donation by Kristin Masucci on Feb 11, 2014
Good Luck, Michelle!!!
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Feb 11, 2014
Good Luck Honey, love mom
Donation by Barbara D'Angelo on Feb 12, 2014
Good Luck Michelle!
Donation by Joel Brennan on Feb 14, 2014
Love you Cuz!
Donation by Linda Wellendorf on Feb 14, 2014
My aunt has the sweetest runners ass! Good luck!
Donation by Megan Bair Zidian on Feb 14, 2014
You rock
Donation by Danielle Bell on Feb 15, 2014
You are amazing!
Donation by Melissa Matthews on Feb 22, 2014
Go get baby girl
Donation by Yonna Bartlette on Feb 22, 2014
You go girl!
Donation by Amy on Feb 23, 2014
Donation by Dora Allenbach on Mar 2, 2014
Have a great run! I will be there in spirit!
Donation by Nicole King on Mar 4, 2014
You go girlie!!!!! Kick butt!!
Donation by Steph Crow on Mar 16, 2014
Good luck Michelle!
Donation by Anne Marie Raymer on Mar 17, 2014
Donation by Jenny Dutil on Mar 17, 2014
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