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MELANIE LASWELL  |  stage 240 |  OH
I'm running because I want to run a leg of this journey because I remember the way I felt the day of the bombing. It actually happened on my birthday but that event put a damper on my spirits and it's something I'll never forget. The lives lost that day and also the ones altered by injury need to be remembered and supported. Runners need to show a united front that we aren't going to live in fear that these things will happen to us. I participate in several running events and know what it's like to train so long and hard for something. Besides the victims who were killed and injured, the runners who hadn't finished were victims too. They trained for months (sometimes years) for that goal and had the moment stolen from them. I will be proud to be a part of this and help raise money for those whose lives were drastically changed by the events of that day.
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