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MADELINE CLARK  |  stage 336 |  MA
I'm running because as Boston recovered from it's own tragedy, I've been recovering from a severe concussion that I got 2 months before the Marathon last year. The strength and resilience shown by my fellow Bostonians and the survivors of the attack have given me new life in my journey back to health many times this past year. It's with much happiness that I can look forward to this as my first run for 2+ miles and say that Boston and my home have given me this opportunity to prove to myself that we all can get up and be better than ever.
Donation by Anthony Potter on Mar 24, 2014
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Donation by Depot Street Market Customers on Apr 5, 2014
You can do it Maddy! Love your friends at DSU!
Donation by Sue Bradford on Apr 13, 2014
You go girl :)
Donation by Sue Clark on Apr 13, 2014
Donation by Collin Clark on Apr 13, 2014
you are so fabu and you inspire me everyday!
Donation by sarah hunter on Apr 13, 2014
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