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LISA PETERSEN  |  stage 157 |  OK
I'm running because I want to run to support those affected by the bombings in Boston and to demonstrate the strength of the running community!
I hope you reach your goal Lisa!
Donation by holly voss on Feb 12, 2014
You're a machine! Enjoy :)
Donation by Cindy and Noah Koval on Feb 12, 2014
Donation by Julie Maurer on Feb 12, 2014
Have fun, run hard
Donation by Plinio on Feb 13, 2014
Go girl! I love you and am proud of you.
Donation by Susan sills on Feb 16, 2014
Donation by Christy and Ty on Mar 10, 2014
Donation by Lynn Rooker on Mar 10, 2014
So proud of you!
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Mar 10, 2014
Thank you for the run Lisa (: You are awesome!
Donation by Lisa Garrison on Mar 11, 2014
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