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LINDSEY ORR  |  stage 297 |  PA
I'm running because I want to run to support, encourage, and inspire others. I'm running because I want to run for all individuals who are unable.
You make your brother proud! Have fun!
Donation by Ryan Bowe on Mar 24, 2014
Donation by The Hiatt Family on Mar 26, 2014
Have Fun and thank you for inspiring others!
Donation by Kate Alderfer and family! on Mar 26, 2014
Good luck, Linds! You are amazing!
Donation by Kara Braun on Mar 29, 2014
You're a great example, Lindsey! Proud of you !
Donation by Diane House on Mar 29, 2014
Go Linds! Way to be a part of something bigger!!
Donation by Pam Hendrix on Apr 1, 2014
You are such an inspiration to so many Lindsay!
Donation by Heather McElroy on Apr 1, 2014
Go, Lindsey, go!
Donation by Dawn Ziegler on Apr 3, 2014
GO Get Em Tigress!
Donation by Kelley Sorrel on Apr 3, 2014
you go girl
Donation by Charlotte Smith on Apr 5, 2014
Good luck, Lindsey!
Donation by Nicole on Apr 5, 2014
Love you and the cause!
Donation by Rebecca Bartron on Apr 8, 2014
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