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LINDA BLAZIER  |  stages 303, 336
I'm running because I just can't walk away. This community has banded together to show that there is so much more power in good than in evil, and I want the world to hear that message!
Donation by Jessica Murray on Feb 1, 2014
You rock Linda!
Donation by Jamie Hay on Feb 4, 2014
train hard for getting hugs
Donation by passenger stuck at Gate D12 CLT on Mar 19, 2014
Never let emotions trump your passions
Donation by Drew Freedman / The Boston Bodyworker on Apr 5, 2014
$11 for the 11th ORFB State
Donation by Craig Williams on Apr 9, 2014
for 16 EPIC miles !!
Donation by Scott Allender on Apr 15, 2014
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