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LAUREN MARTEL  |  stage 336 |  MA
I'm running because On April 13th, I will be participating in the One Run for Boston, a cross country relay starting in LA and finishing in Boston to raise money for the One Fund. I'll be walking it since I've been sidelined from running this past winter due to a back injury and have only just been given the ok for zero impact activity, aka - swimming and the elliptical. I've slowly begun going mental with no activity so if you see me start jogging, please don't tell my physical therapist! Actually there's a good chance she's reading this - Sorry, Christine! Anyways, anyone who knows me even just a little bit, knows how much I love being from and living in this city. Last year, like so many other years, I had to work on Marathon Monday. I remember the feeling of fear tearing through me when I first heard about the bombing. You see, to my group of friends Marathon Monday is as big of a holiday as July 4th and last year was no exception. Knowing that they were all close to the finish line waiting to cheer on their friends as they came down the final stretch, I was terrified that any of them might have been injured or worse. Paralyzed with fear and disbelief, I could do nothing at work but anxiously flip from website to website as I waited to hear if my friends were ok. The feeling of relief when I finally received that text was like nothing I had ever felt before. The next several days were filled with numbness, shock, and sorrow as story after story came out of the events of that day. It was almost like someone had attacked my own family. But among all of the sadness and horror, emerged stories of bravery, heroism, and acts of kindness. These stories made me proud to be from Boston and helped me to know that we, as a city, would get through this. As Bostonians, we are often proud to a fault. We are also survivors; we take care of our own. When someone knocks us down, we stand up, wipe ourselves off, and say "Is that all you've got?" We are not just strong, we are Boston Strong and "This is our f'n city." As an employee at Spaulding, I am proud knowing that my coworkers are the ones helping the victims through their recovery. Spaulding's motto is "Find your Strength." It is something that has resonated with me since it was rolled out a few years ago. When I am struggling to complete a run or a workout, I only have to look at my wrist to see the yellow LiveStrong band now joined by a blue and yellow "Boston 04/15/13" band. They're my own "Lets go Martel, you got this!" pep talk. They remind me to dig deep within myself and give me the determination to keep going because there are many who can't. The marathon survivors have had their lives altered and are going to need a lifetime of assistance. For them, the marathon has only just begun. And so I urge you to donate to the One Fund today and help them continue to find their strength.
Donation by Mary Baron on Apr 1, 2014
Yes. Your PT says, "You GOT this!" Go get it done.
Donation by Christine Roy on Apr 3, 2014
Way to go Lauren!
Donation by Sara Baron on Apr 3, 2014
Go get 'em Lauren!!
Donation by Jane on Apr 7, 2014
Boston Strong, Lauren! We're proud of you!
Donation by Jeanne M. Martel on Apr 7, 2014
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