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KRISTEN FENNELL  |  stage 336 |  MA
I'm running because I've always been a big fan of the Boston marathon. I was on Boylston St. cheering on the runners last year during the big race, and recall telling my friends how much I couldn't wait to one day run the Boston Marathon. After the friends we knew running had passed and finished, we went inside a restaurant. Moments after, we were informed of the explosion at the finish line and how we couldn't leave. After the lockdown, a friend and I lingered by to lend runners our phones to get in touch with their loved ones. In the days following, the city was not the same. I felt like all I heard was sirens or nothing at all. The way the people here came together tosupport each other was the light at the end of the tunnel. Then there was the One Run for Boston, and people came together from all over the world. I feel so very lucky that I was unharmed that and that no one I know I was injured. There were victims though, far too many and they still need help. It is my honor to represent those people and run to raise money to support the One Fund. Not a single day has passed since April 15, 2013 that I have not thought about the marathon. I draw strength to complete long runs and cultivate motivation to even start them by thinking how fortunate I am that I can run at all. I ran in the second to last stage the first time around and am thrilled to be a part of this again! Please help me crush that fundraising minimum.
Thanks for doing this Kristen! xox
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Spin Event April 6
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Good luck and thank you!
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Spinning/Muscle class fundraiser at Ten X Club 4/6
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Congrats on meeting your goal Kristen!
Donation by Liam Gillis on Apr 11, 2014
I am proud of you for following your beliefs
Donation by Mom on Apr 12, 2014
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