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KEVIN SHYNE  |  stage 171 |  OK
I'm running because One Run For Boston is all about transforming a tragedy into victory. I want to be part of it.
That profile picture looks familiar
Donation by Bill Shyne on Mar 29, 2014
You go Kev!!!
Donation by susan athwal on Mar 29, 2014
Helping you to exceed your goal!
Donation by Joanna Ambridge on Mar 29, 2014
Donation by christopher shyne on Mar 29, 2014
Enjoy your run! Run strong!
Donation by Mary Bridget, Nick, Michael and Tommy on Mar 29, 2014
Thanks for running with Rich! Have fun!
Donation by Marianne B. on Mar 31, 2014
Kevin, Thanks for your effort in support of cause
Donation by Steve Shyne on Apr 11, 2014
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