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JESSICA HUDSON  |  stage 335 |  MA
I'm running because I care so deeply for the city of Boston and what it stands for. Boston holds a special place in my heart and so do those who were effected by the events at last year's marathon. I feel like my ability to run is a gift; a gift I would like to share to raise awareness for this special cause. Please support me in this incredible adventure! Let's get together, run this race, and remember nobody can stop us because we will continue to run! Boston Strong!
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Donation by Thorogood Electric on Mar 10, 2014
Thank you Dan! Your sponsorship means so much!
Donation by Jessica Hudson on Mar 14, 2014
Get it girl :-P
Donation by Dani on Mar 14, 2014
Friends of Chicago Sam's Enfield CT
Donation by Jessica Hudson on Mar 24, 2014
Gail Hall thank you for the sponsor!
Donation by Jessica Hudson on Apr 14, 2014
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