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JACKIE STEVENS  |  stage 2 |  CA
I'm running because I want to run for all of those who were affected by the Boston bombings. The running community is my second family, what harms one, harms us all. Our strength comes from our desire to stand as one.
From one of your Fit Sparrows :-)
Donation by Fiona Cooper on Feb 5, 2014
Good Luck Coach, Boston Strong!
Donation by Kate Guy on Feb 7, 2014
happy for you coach!
Donation by Lettie Buckman on Feb 8, 2014
Way to go Jackie!!!
Donation by Bob Trinket on Feb 10, 2014
You're It- Virtual Tage
Donation by Anonymous Sponsor on Feb 14, 2014
Go Jackie!! Runners Rock!!!
Donation by Sara Wendt on Feb 17, 2014
So proud to be part of your Fit Sparrow Family!
Donation by Fit Sparrow Team Member Brenda on Feb 17, 2014
Chirp chirp from a sparrow! xoxoxoxo
Donation by Shelly Powell on Feb 17, 2014
Run, Run, Run, Coach!
Donation by Joni Brewster on Feb 17, 2014
Because you inspire me to keep on running!
Donation by Maria Ochoa on Feb 18, 2014
Distance Unlimited is with you!
Donation by LeTia on Feb 18, 2014
Happy to support this cause!
Donation by Kylie Pummeroy on Feb 18, 2014
Thank you Jackie, this is truly a great cause.
Donation by Monika Earles on Feb 22, 2014
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