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DANIELLE HUNKA  |  stage 310 |  NY
I'm running because As many know, I learned in August of a tumor located inside the bone of my tibia which caused my bone to swell and pain for me while running. The week after my first time placing for my age group in a race, my doctor told me I had to stop running to reduce the swelling so he could remove the tumor. I had surgery in November and learned the tumor was, thank God, benign, and I began my 6 week recovery on crutches, and then another 6 weeks before I'm hopefully cleared to run again. Through my ordeal, I learned of this amazing group running across the country to raise money for those who survived the Boston Marathon tragedy. While I have yet to be cleared for running, I signed up to be a part of this incredible event. I'm thrilled and honored to be making my running comeback as a part of such a noble cause. I recognize that I am extremely lucky to merely have had one surgery in order to have my health restored. In honor, memory and recognition of those who were tragically wounded and the families of those lost, I will run.
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You go Girl
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Very happy you are running!!!!
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