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DAVE DEMING  |  stage 273 |  PA
I'm running because I'd like an opportunity to be part of this larger, vast community effort to support the Boston victims. This type of large scale integration is what I have been seeking to be able to express my concern and provide my support. Please note that this stage is about 12 miles; however, shorter sections are also included. I have access to the West Penn Trail. This run will be a unique opportunity to run a great trail (good rails-to-trails type surface and environment) at night with lights and hopefully a nice crowd! Please support the effort by your donation, time, and/or good legs. Come join us for this stage, or at least provide donation support!
Donation by Larry Van Dyke on Mar 30, 2014
Donation by Elizabeth on Apr 6, 2014
Good luck!
Donation by Deming Group on Apr 8, 2014
Donation by Amy on Apr 8, 2014
Run Dave run!
Donation by Erin Lulich on Apr 8, 2014
Great run, Dave!
Donation by Andy Callaghan on Apr 9, 2014
Donation by David Deming on Apr 9, 2014
From Larry Irr
Donation by Dave Deming on Apr 11, 2014
Parents of Franklin Regional High School
Donation by Mr. & Mrs. Courage on Apr 12, 2014
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