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CAROL ANN OSTIGUY  |  stage 335 |  MA
I'm running because of the victims of the Marathon Bombings! Being there at the finish line just feet away from the first bomb was the scariest moment of my life. Running stage 335 serves as an opportunity to celebrate the amazing people of Boston as we all continue to heal from the horrific sights and sounds of that afternoon. We are BOSTON STRONG!!!!!
Great cause! Have a nice run..
Donation by Mark Zraunig on Apr 7, 2014
Great cause! Good luck, Carol!
Donation by Keri Purple on Apr 7, 2014
Donation by Katie O'Leary on Apr 7, 2014
Thanks for running for this worthy cause.
Donation by Norman Tuttle on Apr 8, 2014
Carol Ann, you go girl!
Donation by Kathleen BaronC on Apr 8, 2014
Happy to support the cause!
Donation by Sarah Hastie on Apr 8, 2014
good luck babe!!
Donation by Dave Litif on Apr 9, 2014
Great cause. Have a great run.
Donation by Brian Lobue on Apr 11, 2014
Happy to support your run and The One Fund
Donation by Andus Torgeson on Apr 11, 2014
Run Carol Run!
Donation by Caitlin McArdle on Apr 11, 2014
Best wishes!
Donation by Karolyn McNeil on Apr 11, 2014
Go CAO! Enjoy the deserve it!
Donation by mark senna on Apr 12, 2014
Have a great run!!
Donation by Brian LoBue on Apr 13, 2014
Good luck Carol!!
Donation by maria mendes on Apr 13, 2014
You go girl! Xmooch
Donation by Lisa McGrath on Apr 13, 2014
Donation by Denise McGrath on Apr 14, 2014
Donation by Tammy Ryan-Callahan on Apr 19, 2014
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