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BETH WALD  |  stage 336 |  MA
I'm running because I want to honor the victims and all of last year's runners and can't imagine a better way to do that than to be part of the one run and running with hundreds of other people to the Marathon Finish Line!
You Go, Girl!
Donation by Jen Potter on Mar 19, 2014
How wonderful and good luck. I wish I could run.
Donation by Rhoada Wald on Mar 19, 2014
Great cause!!!!
Donation by Marian Myers on Mar 19, 2014
Good luck Beth!
Donation by Dana P Devereux on Mar 20, 2014
Good Luck. I am sure this will be easy for you...
Donation by Kay and Don Sackman on Mar 20, 2014
Best of luck and thank you for running!
Donation by Robert Schurman on Mar 21, 2014
Good Luck Beth!!!
Donation by Melissa Hill on Mar 24, 2014
Donation by Lois Atwood on Mar 24, 2014
Good luck with your run.
Donation by Helen Goins on Mar 27, 2014
Run, Beth, Run! Great you're doing this!
Donation by cynthia and peter lavenson on Apr 13, 2014
Thank you for doing this!
Donation by Amy Catlin on Apr 14, 2014
Donation by David Cahan on Apr 23, 2014
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