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AMY REBELLO  |  stage 336 |  MA
I'm running because People in Boston know it as Marathon Monday. It's a day when families, college kids, and everyone in between come together to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of those crazy enough to run Boston. It's kids with their cowbells, friends with their home made t-shirts, and everyone cheering for many people they don't even know. Because running 26.2 miles whether for yourself, your bucket list, your family, your charity, is AMAZING! It's one thing that defines Boston. We stand along 26.2 miles of road cheering for hours. It's emotional, it's fun, it's inspiring. I love everything about our city: the accents, the Sox, the T, and the marathon. These things help define our sense of camaraderie and likeness. I live and breathe this city every day. I am so proud of the sense of love we showed one another on 4/15/13. We came together and people helped people they had never met. It was amazing. My heart breaks seeing video and hearing stories from that day and they always will. But at the same time the events that occurred 4/15/13 have actually restored a little faith in humanity knowing how resilient our city was that day and every day since. I am proud to be from Boston. To the friends and families of those killed or maimed-I am so sorry for the losses and pained you have endured. I want to do something to help. This race is my chance to do it. Love is strength, stay strong Boston.
Good Luck!
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Good luck honey!
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Good luck Roo!! You will do great.
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Good job honey
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