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AMINA SALAHADDIN  |  stages 309, 336
I'm running because I moved to Boston one year ago, not knowing a single person. The first person who invited me into her home and made me feel like part of her family, is a runner. Sadly, she was hurt during the Boston Marathon. I'm running for her, because in my eyes she is Boston Strong by not giving up on herself, continuing her belief in humanity, and not letting anyone or anything stop her from running. I joined a running group four months ago, which has positively impacted my life. This group connects the most diverse group of people through their love of running. I befriended amazing and kind people in this group. I'm running for Boston, which is now becoming home.
Thank you for running!!
Donation by Kathy DelloRusso on Mar 18, 2014
Donation by Ian Kleinrath on Mar 19, 2014
Go Amina! Love the way you support our community!
Donation by Xi Xi Jia on Mar 22, 2014
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Donation by Steve Low on Mar 31, 2014
Keep chasing your goals!!!
Donation by Dan Gebremedhin on Apr 3, 2014
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I salute you and the runner you are running for!
Donation by Junu Cooney on Apr 7, 2014
NP for ORFB - Stage 309!
Donation by Thijs Crommentuijn on Apr 11, 2014
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