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AMANDA EBNER  |  stage 1 |  CA
I'm running because I actually ran Boston in 2013 - my first Boston ever. It was the best race day I'd ever had, followed by one of the most tragic and fearful memories I've ever had. I would love to honor the remembrance of those who lost their lives as well as commemorate a better future for Boston as we rebuild the name and intention of this historic race.
Yeah Manda, you're my hero!
Donation by Amy Guise on Jan 8, 2014
You go girl. Like in an ironic hipster way
Donation by Katie on Feb 14, 2014
Go Amanda! Keep strong B-town..we're with you!
Donation by Michelle Escobar on Feb 14, 2014
Cuz I kinda like you & kinda like to run ;)
Donation by Marcia Garcia on Feb 14, 2014
Donation by Delia Kloh on Feb 14, 2014
#BostonStrong #AmandaStrong oxo, rds
Donation by Renee Delos Santos on Feb 14, 2014
Donation by Jennifer Brandes on Feb 14, 2014
Bless you! RUN HARD.
Donation by Jenny Gallagher on Feb 14, 2014
Go get even more steps than you do in my class. ;)
Donation by Michelle josette on Feb 14, 2014
Donation by Lauren Davidson on Feb 14, 2014
Sending <3 to you and all touched by Boston!
Donation by Hayley Maxwell on Feb 14, 2014
Donation by Lillian Coye on Mar 7, 2014
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